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Welcome 'Pit Crew' Volunteers


“Beyond the epic machines and cutting-edge gear, the Salt Lake Off-Road & Outdoor Expo is more than just an event – it’s a movement. We’re passionate about uniting the off-road community, fostering camaraderie among enthusiasts, and educating off-roaders.  But our passion goes beyond the just the expo. We’re committed to safeguarding the very places that fuel our passion – our public lands. We believe that access to these lands is a fundamental right, and we’re actively engaged in protecting it.

We couldn’t do any of this without YOU, our incredible volunteers. Your efforts are the backbone of our organization, allowing us to amplify our message, expand our reach, and make a real difference in the fight for public lands. On behalf of the entire Salt Lake Off-Road & Outdoor Expo team, we extend our sincere gratitude to you for your selfless dedication and unwavering support.

Your willingness to give your time and energy is truly inspiring. From greeting attendees to assisting with event logistics, you play an integral role in creating a welcoming and enjoyable experience for everyone who steps foot into the expo. The Salt Lake Off-Road & Outdoor Expo would not be the same without you. Your contributions are invaluable, and we are truly honored to have you as a part of our team.”

– Phil Rawlings, Director
– Scott Philips, Managing Partner

Volunteer managers

Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson

Core Team Member - Volunteer Coordinator

Matt was raised in Duchesne going off-roading in anything he could find...

Marissa Wilkinson

Marissa Wilkinson

Core Team Member - Vendor Relations

Marissa first participated in the Expo by entering her Chevy in the vehicle display...

Forrest Pruett

Forrest Pruett

Front End & Will Call Booth Manager

Forrest Pruett has been enjoying the outdoors with his family for over 40+ years...

Salt Lake Off-Road & Outdoor Expo Core Team Member Nicole DuBois

Nicole DuBois

Front End & Volunteer Coordinator

I love all things outside and I love to socialize so helping out at the front doors is a perfect fit for me!

Volunteer FAQ’s

When do I need to arrive for my shift?

Please arrive at the Mountain America Expo Center 15 minutes before your shift starts

Can I pick up my expo tickets before my shift?

Yes! You can go to will call during show hours and get your tickets and wristband before your shift, on the condition that you promise to show up for your shift. If you fail to show up for your shift after picking up your tickets, you will not be allowed to volunteer in future. 

Where should I park?

Thursday Volunteers: You should be able to park at the expo center

Fri-Sat Volunteers: Parking at the expo center can get pretty crazy! If you can’t find a spot in the regular parking lot we recommend you park in an overflow parking area (follow the signs) and ride the shuttle to the expo center, or you can ride Trax. There is a stop just north of the expo center named “Sandy Expo Center”.

Where do I check-in for my shift?

After you get your tickets from will-call, check-in for your shift at the vendor check-in desk, located at Bay Door #4 at the back of the expo hall. Look for one of the Volunteer Managers pictured above.

Where do I get my Wristband, tickets, and t-shirt?
Thursday Volunteers: You can pick all these up at the vendor check-in desk at the back of the expo hall by bay door #4 when you check-in for your shift.

Friday & Saturday Volunteers: You need to get your tickets and wristbands from Will Call in the front lobby. You’ll get your t-shirt when you check-in for your shift at the vendor check-in desk at the back of the expo hall by bay door #4

If I volunteer for two shifts do I get twice the perks?

T-shirt & wristband, no. Drawing and entry tickets, you betcha!

What do I need to bring/wear?

Water bottle, jacket/coat, and comfortable shoes. Most volunteers will be standing for the bulk of their shift. We are not responsible for personal valuables so plan accordingly – we don’t have anywhere for you to store them. 

Will I get a reminder or confirmation when I sign-up?

Yes, you’ll receive an instant email confirmation and a reminder email three days before your shift.

Do I need any specific skills or experience to volunteer?

Not really, if you’re passionate about off-roading, that’s about it.

What will I be doing for my shift?

There’s a an explanation of each volunteer position on the sign-up sheet. You’ll also receive a brief orientation before your shift explaining what you’ll be doing and where you will be.

Where can I leave feedback about my volunteer experience?
Send your feedback and suggestions to [email protected] or [email protected]
Are there any other volunteer opportunities?
Yes! We also partner with the Delta Classic Rock Crawl event held in Delta, Ut every summer. Email [email protected] for more info!