We are excited about the second Salt Lake Off-Road & Outdoor Expo coming up the end of April. There are lots of irons in the fire. I wanted to let people know some of the things we are working on.

Panels/Presentations –
We have two panels and one presentation in the planning stages. The first panel was prompted by several locals who raced in the Baja 1000. I read several articles about their experiences and followed them on social media. I don’t know about you but the Baja 1000 is on my bucket list. In course of talking to one of the people they mentioned a friend that had sold almost everything and set out driving to the southern tip of South America. I wanted to hear about that also. Now the idea for the panel has expanded to “Epic Adventures” and we will work on getting the friend there too.

The next panel was only half an idea until Scott & I met the Overland Bound crew by chance through a comment on an Instagram post. They invited us down to Lucky 13 where they were meeting with a bunch of friends on their way through town. As good as the food was the company was better. We met new locals and an old friend Kurt Williams who seems to do everything and be everywhere. While we were talking to the Overland Bound crew about getting out there and seeing the great outdoors we talked about doing a panel on how to start overlanding with what you have. What does it really take to go see some ghost towns or a mountain lake? This panel we are calling, “Overlanding- How to Get Started With What You Have”.

The presentation “What to Wear Under There- Wear the Right Clothes the Right Way”, will be a good refresher or a great introduction to how simple changes to what we wear can make a big difference in our comfort or even survival. When we go off roading there is always the possibility for something to go wrong. To be honest it’s part of the adventure for me. I often think about my tools and spare parts. I can’t count how many times rigs got fixed by the light of flashlights. I also remember thinking man am I dressed wrong for this as I shivered hoping I could climb back into the warm cab of my truck. I think I’ll be listening in for this.